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Overcoming the Germ Theory Medical Myth (Paperback)

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Germanic Heilkunde Introduction

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A brilliant presentation of the 5 Biological Natural Laws of GERMANIC HEILKUNDE (also known as “the Germanic”) ─ the only causal therapy in the world!

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer masterfully explains, in this clear and concise Introduction, the foundations of Germanic Heilkunde with many helpful graphs, pictures, CTs and some illustrative patient cases. Even though the topic is mainly that of cancer ─ the GERMANIC describes the causes and the processes of all “diseases” (= parts of Significant Biological Special Programmes (SBS) of Nature).

Dr Hamer also exposes the horrific suppression of his discoveries, by all possible means, since 1981; why the Germanic Heilkunde (in the beginning “New Medicine”) was politicized by his opponents, and how journalists, judges, doctors and politicians have implicated themselves in a heinous crime against mankind.

There is a section on therapy using “Mein Studentenmädchen”, the primeval archaic magic-melody, composed and written by Dr Hamer 5 years BEFORE he discovered the Germanic Heilkunde. Dr Hamer describes the background to this song, including the discovery of its therapeutical effects ─ meanwhile validated in 100s of cases ─ and presents a summary of the 4 magical faculties of Mein Studentenmädchen.

This little love song, which is a therapeutic sensation, has powerful effects on cancers and psychoses. Mein Studentenmädchen opens up an entirely new dimension, which has nothing to do with previous attempts at “music therapy”. Dr Hamer, categorically, does not claim that cancer will “disappear” with Mein Studentenmädchen but, listened to uninterruptedly, the cancer will be stopped! It also stops the further increase of osteolyses, necroses and ulcers. However, even though the song can accomplish the above, and more, for the listener, there are also limiting factors one needs to be aware of, for responsible application of the song. Ideally, one should do one’s best to understand the whole of Germanic Heilkunde ─ preferably, whilst one is still healthy.

The magic song Mein Studentenmädchen has since become a second footing, or foundation, of the Germanic ─ and completes it. The latter is now inconceivable without the magic-melody. Mein Studentenmädchen has, consequently, become the second greatest discovery in medicine (namely, a therapeutic discovery), after Germanic Heilkunde.

As well as the GERMANIC, there is now MEIN STUDENTENMÄDCHEN, which integrates itself into the 5 Biological Natural Laws, but also into all aspects of the Germanic. With Mein Studentenmädchen, the previous dreadful cancer fears, and all psychoses, belong to the past.

ISBN: 978-84-96127-64-7


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